Chardonnay: Typically medium- to full-bodied and very often quite dry. It goes well with the white meats such as veal cutlets or chicken in a cream sauce.

Gewurztraminer: A spicy characteristic wine that is a great match with shrimp and crawfish.

Pinot Grigio: A light and dry white wine that is best served with lighter menu items like filet of sole or chicken breasts.

Pouilly Fuisse: A medium-bodied, dry wine that compliments full flavored fish dishes like red snapper, bass and scallops

Puligny Montrachet: This dry and delicious white wine goes great with pork tenderloin or roast turkey.

Riesling: A light bodied fruity wine with some sweetness. It is perfect with picnic fare such as salads, fruit and cheese.

Sauvignon Blanc: A crisp and refreshing wine that goes very well with shellfish like oysters or clams.

Viognier: A full-bodied, rich flavorful wine that goes wonderfully with rich dishes such as duck or lobster.


Barbaresco: A full bodied and dry red wine, perfect for leg of lamb or filet mignon.

Barolo: A wonderful full-bodied red; a great food wine. Have it with spicy Italian sausage or filet wrapped in bacon.

Bordeaux : A classic blend of the Five Bordeaux grapes. It is heady and powerful and goes great with rack of lamb or prime rib.

Cabernet Sauvignon: One of the biggest and boldest reds; dry with wonderful dark fruit flavors. Try it with beef or leg of lamb.

Chianti: A lighter style red and a great food wine. It goes especially well with tomato-based sauces.

Merlot: Generally it is medium to full-bodied with dark berry fruit flavors. It is always good with veal chops and pork chops.

Pinot Noir: A light-bodied red with nice round fruit flavors. It can be a wonderful match to steak-style fish like swordfish or tuna.

Rioja: A light-bodied dry red wine from Spain . Serve it with roast chicken or duck.

Shiraz : Generally a richer red with fruit flavors of blackberry and blueberry. It is perfect with game birds or pork roast.

Zinfandel: A well-rounded red with hints of black pepper that goes very well with red meat such as sirloin or rib eye steaks.


Champagne : A dry, sparkling, full-bodied white wine; perfect for any celebration; have it with everything from pizza to strawberries!

Port: A sweet and delicious fortified wine; great with anything chocolate or serve it with a fruit and cheese platter at the end of a meal.